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As you process unprecedented amounts of change, react to new information daily, and experience a wave of emotions, you might not feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel – but you’re not alone. Business leaders around the world just like you are feeling those same pains; we’re all figuring out how to move forward. In this 2-hour virtual session, you’ll gather with your peers as you take time to process your thoughts, hear ideas, and get unstuck so you can lead into the future.

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Why sign up?

You want to move forward, drive change, and lead consciously and intentionally, but you’re not sure how.

What is it?

A Facilitator-led, 2-hour virtual session for you and your peers to share your pains, experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

Who should register?

People who aren’t sure how to move forward and want to tap into a like-minded community to process how to proceed.


  • Erika Alessandrini
    Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Erika Alessandrini
    Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    Erika lights up when she sees people step into the next best version of themselves. She’s energized by all things business, random acts of kindness, and people who pay it forward. Equally candid and compassionate with a strong, genuine curiosity, Erika has been referred to as a “modern day renaissance woman” because of her pioneering spirit and eclectic interests.

    Erika joined the Aileron community in 2019 to surround herself with like-minded leaders who share a passion for calling people, businesses, and organizations to be the best versions of themselves. Prior to Aileron, Erika spent 23 years in the automotive aftermarket and participated in four post-acquisition integrations at the executive level. Through those experiences, Erika learned why most leaders fall short, give up, or burn out. She went on to start her own coaching business in 2015.

    You can find Erika in her home with her husband and kids, entertaining family and friends, and finding any excuse to gather a group for a shared meal. Carrying on her mother’s tradition, there is always a seat at her family’s table.

  • Tony Collins
    Business Advisor and Facilitator
    Tony Collins
    Business Advisor and Facilitator

    Over the last 25 years, Tony has started, turned-around or helped grow over five different small to medium sized businesses in a variety of industries.

    At the age of 26, Tony founded a non-regulated energy service subsidiary of DPL, Inc. that he quickly led to profitably during its first year of operations. Having led on one subsidiary to profitability, Tony was tapped by DPL Inc.’s CEO to lead the turnaround of a technology subsidiary where he executed a new strategy that resulted in a 200% increase in sales and the subsidiary’s first profit. Tony left DPL Inc. after a 15-year career to help grow an early and pioneering internet start-up.

    Prior to startingTurningPoint Strategy over 10 years ago, Tony was Vice President of Marketing Strategy & Product Development for Cadence Network, a web-based cost management company that attracted $14 Million in venture funding. Tony was the architect behind the strategy that shifted Cadence Network into high-growth attracting such marquee clients as The Limited, Footlocker, Blockbuster Video, and AT&T Wireless. Forbes Magazine selected Cadence as Best of The Web B2B due in a large part to Tony’s strategy innovation and leadership.

    At TurningPoint Strategy, Tony is an expert in growth strategy development, planning, execution and strategic marketing. Tony has authored a series of small business strategy workshops and presentations that he has delivered throughout the U.S. He also authors a blog called Big Strategy for Small Business. Tony is often called upon by business leaders for advice and input how and where to strategically grow their business.

    Tony received his BS in Marketing from WSU, and an MBA in Finance from the University of Dayton. Tony serves or has served on several non-profit and for-profit boards in his community.

    Tony is an avid runner, competitive tennis player and chef wannabe that lives in Lebanon, Ohio with his wife Janet and his daughters Lindsey and Maddie.

What Our Community Says

“Really powerful session and nice job executing virtual session.”

“[My takeaway was] looking at circumstances or events as factual things that I can now evaluate at face value (fact) and choose to respond with a clear action that’s not so dictated or dominated by emotions, rather looking at the bigger outcome I want to a achieve.”

“It was so helpful to be reminded that our mindset is powerful in how we deal with uncertainty. It also seemed that everyone had such similar experiences right now, regardless of industry or role. A good reminder that we’re all in this together.”

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