Course for Presidents Peer Group

Peer Groups Designed to Leverage Wisdom and Experience.


Being the leader can be a lonely existence. If you have complicated issues staring you down, sometimes you need to talk to others who have experience facing the same challenges.

Who Should Register?


Course for Presidents Alumni who want continued support and accountability towards implementing professional management.

What is it?


Productive discussion forum consisting of 10 to 12 trusted peers from non-competing businesses of similar size who gather to share experiences and candidly resolve issues.

Why Sign Up?


You’ll be taking action after the Course for Presidents and creating change in your organization. Why not learn from others’ mistakes and successes to ensure the change is positive?



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  • Tony Schroeder
    Business Advisor, Facilitator, Leadership Coach
  • Peter Feil

What to Expect

Each CFP Peer Group is a discussion forum of 10 business peers from non-competing businesses of similar size. Its purpose is to introduce you to other business leaders who can help you find solutions. Each group candidly shares experiences and relevant issues. You gain insight from other small-business leaders about concerns you have now or might have down the road.

What you’ll get

  • Learn from peers so you can be prepared for challenges in your business.
  • Share issues and find solutions in a forum built on a foundation of mutual trust.

  • Apply what you’ve learned and achieved from the Course for Presidents workshop.
  • Leave with the confidence of gathering best practices that guide your next steps in advancing your organization.

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