Business Advisor Guidance

It’s All About You and Your Organization


Our business advisors are exceptional people like you. They’ve been business owners and leaders and have made journeys similar to yours. They know your success, and they know your obstacles. They also know professional management, and they have one goal: to provide continued guidance and support after you’ve completed the Course for Presidents.

Who Should Register?


You’ve taken the Course for Presidents and want continued support and accountability towards implementing professional management.

What is it?


One-on-one time with an experienced business leader who’s been in your shoes and can guide you towards action, continued success, and provide tools and resources along the way.

Why Sign Up?


Each session is focused on you. Your Business Advisor will help you focus on what’s important to your business. When’s the last time you devoted time for yourself?

Sign up for the Course for Presidents,
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  • Wes Gipe
    Business Advisor, Facilitator, Leadership Coach
  • Wendy Vloedman
    Business Advisor, Facilitator
  • Tony Schroeder
    Business Advisor, Facilitator, Leadership Coach
  • Jack Lohbeck
    Business Advisor
  • Tony Collins
    Business Advisor, Facilitator
  • Phillip Stoller
    Business Advisor, Facilitator, Leadership Coach

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You Decide—They Guide

An advisor guides you while you set the agenda for what you want your business to become. You apply professional management principles to advance your organization, and the advisor offers counsel and guidance. As our advisors like to say, “Those who do the work, do the learning.”

What you’ll get

  • The agenda will always be set by what you want to accomplish.
  • Leave with a sense of energy and confidence about your business strategy.

  • There is no judgment or critique—advisors simply provide advice from their experiences.
  • Advisors will address everything you’ve covered in the Course for Presidents and help you prioritize.

Stop Wanting a Better Business and Start Building a Better Business.