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Realign to the DOC System and Regain your Post-CFP Energy

If you’ve taken Aileron’s Course for Presidents®, you can likely remember how you felt at the workshops close: Armed with a plan for the future and a system to manage your business, you were confident, competent, and excited about moving forward. But over time, it’s normal for that energy to wear off, signaling the need to realign to the system and replan for the future.

During this interactive Focus Forward program, you’ll work with other Course for Presidents® Alumni to uncover what’s working (and what’s not). You’ll consider what you want to prioritize and change so you can run the business well, rather than letting the business run you. Then, you’ll work one-on-one with an Aileron Business Advisor and start to articulate a focused, intentional path for the future.

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If you’re asking these questions, this is a right fit for you.

How can I focus on the future when I’m addressing immediate needs every day?

What comes next for my business? Where are we headed?

Is now really the best time to work on the vision for my business?

What can I do to help my team navigate change?

How can I get the energy to lead forward when so much is changing?

Why sign up?

Because you need space and support to get re-focused on what’s most important and regain momentum with your team.

What is it?

A guided opportunity for reflection, coaching, and group discussion to help you get unstuck and move ahead with confidence. Includes a facilitated workshop and separate one-on-one time with an Aileron Business Advisor.

Who should register?

Presidents and CEOs who have completed the Course for Presidents® and are ready to thrive, even during challenging times or transitions.


  • Tony Collins
    Business Advisor and Facilitator
    Tony Collins
    Business Advisor and Facilitator

    As an Aileron Business Advisor and Facilitator, Tony Collins works with business owners and their teams to help them get more of what they want out of their businesses. Prior to Aileron, Tony started and led multiple small to medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries for more than 25 years.

    Tony is a curious-minded individual who is passionate about helping business owners find ways to do more with less effort. He is often called upon by business leaders for advice and input on how and where to grow themselves and their businesses. And he thrives on learning from his clients about not only what makes their businesses tick, but what they know that he doesn’t.

    When Tony isn’t helping and empowering business owners, you can find him at home in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, Janet. In his free time, he is reconnecting to his artistic side as a budding watercolor artist.

    What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

    “Asking better questions. Someone once told me, “The quality of your life is related to the questions you ask yourself.” It’s not only the questions I ask myself, but how can I ask questions to others as well that helps them see new possibilities and approaches that they otherwise might not have seen.”

    What are the values that drive you?

    “Curiosity - I am always striving to be a continuous learner, and at Aileron that is something that comes easy. I am always learning something new from anyone and everyone I interact with. The humble and hungry clients I work with all feed my curious mind.”

    Why Aileron?

    “The main reason I chose to work at Aileron is we were after the same thing - helping businesses get better. Aileron introduced me to a professional management system, but what got me interested was the kind of companies they attract and their culture. Everyone I work with is humble and just as curious as I am. I am really fortunate at the latter part of my career to have found this group of people to work with.”

  • Anne Thompson
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Anne Thompson
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    As a Business Advisor and Facilitator at Aileron, Anne Thompson uses her expertise in organizational, leadership, and culture development to help businesses achieve their vision and purpose. Anne’s diverse experience in working with small privately held businesses, large public corporations, educational institutions, and nonprofits – and growing a business herself – enables her to quickly understand the context and culture of organizations, ask important questions to uncover key levers for change, and assist business leaders in identifying and implementing strategies, structures, and behaviors to create positive, sustainable change in all kinds of organizations.

    Anne is endlessly curious; she uses the power of question to help people make sense of situations and uncover insights. She’s passionate about partnership, and driven to empower her clients to turn their hopes and dreams into realities. She has deep expertise in emotional and social intelligence, and sees the integration of the head and the heart as critical to developing the self, and in turn developing others. 

    In her free time, you can find Anne, her husband, and their son jet setting around the world to experience different cultures and cuisines, or enjoying a beer and OSU football game while stateside.

    What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

    “I’m always striving to operate from a mindset of being ‘good enough.’ It’s counter-culture to feel that what I do doesn’t equate to the value I have as a person. To get there, I’m continually connecting to the intention of my heart and my desire to serve. That helps to minimize the ‘I’m not good enough’ narrative.” 

    What are the values that drive you?

    “I’m driven by mastery and serving clients through evidence-based, practiced strategies. I thrive on collaboration and work to build reciprocal, respectful relationships. And I practice empathy. I embrace people where they’re at while also challenging them to stretch just a bit further outside of their comfort zone to help them see greater possibilities.”

    Why Aileron?

    “At Aileron, we consistently put into practice with each other what we offer to our clients. Aileron is its own learning lab for all the concepts we’re asking our business leaders to embrace. I love that about this organization.”

What Our Community Says

“Aileron helped us implement a business structure and culture that has yielded higher employee engagement, increased profitability, and growth for our whole leadership team.”

“Working with our Aileron advisors keeps us accountable. We’re asked hard questions and forced to stretch our mindset in a way that we wouldn’t be without intentional coaching.”

“Because of Aileron, we are a more sophisticated, well-run, and profitable company.”

“My biggest challenge was being caught up in the whirlwind of doing everything for the company. Working with our advisor has helped us prioritize, take action, then move on to the next thing.”

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