Community Celebration

Celebrate Progress

Each year we come together to pause, reflect, and celebrate progress made individually, in your teams and organizations, and as a community! Progress can be learning something new, doing something different, or making a change. And it can be personal or in your business. Whatever the new thought or actions you’ve taken the past year, you and a guest are invited to celebrate progress (over perfection)!

Why sign up?

You and your team deserve intentional time to reflect and celebrate your hard work and what you do every day. Take time to renew your energy!

What is it?

Two and a half hours with our entire community to celebrate the impact you’ve made on others’ lives. Heavy appetizers and drinks are provided, along with a short program from Aileron’s Founder, Clay Mathile, and a community guest speaker.

Who should register?

Anyone who believes in our mission: practicing and evolving professional management. You can actively be practicing and/or contributing to our mission, and you can bring one guest.


  • Joni Fedders
    President, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
  • Clay Mathile
    Founder and Chairman, Board of Trustees

What Our Community Says

“Each company is on an individual journey. And each year we get to interact, catch-up, share stories, and learn from each others’ journey!”

Bernard Dalichau, CEO of Lavender Home Care Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We renamed the Appreciation Reception to Community Celebration to better capture the purpose and spirit of our time together.

Anyone who believes that practicing and evolving professional management can raise the quality of life in America.

Yes, one guest!

Anyone who has supported you through your progress. This can be your spouse or partner.

Please call us if you’d like to bring more than one guest. We want to ensure everyone in our community has a chance to attend.

Starts at 5:30 pm so please arrive then!

Business casual. Assuming it doesn’t rain, we’ll open the doors in the dining room.

Yes! So we can ensure there’s plenty of food, drinks, and parking.

We will still celebrate! We’re blessed to have a 70,000 square foot building, so plenty of space to spread out if needed.

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