Lynn Elfers
CEO of Affordable Language Services

Lynn Elfers

CEO of Affordable Language Services

Lynn Elfers calls herself “The Accidental Entrepreneur” because her mission in life was to help improve lives and serve others, not start a booming business. She worked as a full-time volunteer for 20 years, leading to an assignment as a missionary in Central America. In 1997, due to a surprise addition to the family, she returned home to Cincinnati, Ohio. There she became involved in volunteering with the Hispanic community. Lynn has a strong desire to see people equalized through communication. Through her volunteer work in Cincinnati, she became known for helping Hispanics connect through her community interpreting, which directly resulted in the birth of Affordable Language Services, now in its 18th year of operations. Focusing on training and education of interpreters, Lynn’s company has gained a solid reputation for quality and service. In 2014- 2016 Common Sense Advisory named Affordable Language Services one of the largest Language Service Providers in North America and one of the larger interpreting companies in the world.

AUTHOR: Brent Welborn
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