What can you expect with a Business Advisor at Aileron? How can you get the most out of all your Business Advisor Sessions?

Whether you have Business Advisor Sessions or are considering them, here are 5 things you should know about Business Advisor guidance at Aileron.

1. Business Advising is all about you.

As Mark Thompson, a former Aileron Business Advisor, says in this video, our Business Advising is all about you and your organization. It’s one-on-one, objective time with an experienced, trusted business leader. He/she helps guide you towards intentional action, continued success, and valuable tools and resources. Business Advisors are curious by nature, but they also have an innate sense to move you (and your organization) forward. This means you’re able to apply professional management principles to advance your organization, while your Business Advisor offers deep clarity—a clarity that can be difficult to have as a business owner when you’re in the trenches.

2. Our Business Advisors have been in your shoes.

We’re providing you with a Business Advisor who is a former business owner, CEO, or senior executive—someone who has been where you are at today. We know it’s important for them to have made a similar journey (personally and professionally) to the one you’re on right now.

As a peer to you, your Business Advisor offers deep empathy, aptitude, and experience. But just as important, they bring no judgement or critique into the conversation. “We, ourselves, all ran imperfect organizations,” explains Mark Thompson.

The special relationship with your Business Advisor is captured in Clay Mathile’s vision for Aileron, where he says: “My hope is that Aileron will be one of the trusted friends of a business owner: a friend who listens, is reliable, and helps where they can. A trusted friend challenges you to think, and gives you honest feedback – even when it’s something you don’t want to hear.” Business Advising is one of the many ways through which Clay’s vision comes to life at Aileron.

3. Our Business Advisors give you the tools and help you focus.

Our Business Advisors have experienced business ownership and they’re familiar with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

They also know Aileron’s Professional Management System that you can learn at the Course for Presidents®. Your Business Advisor has one aim: to help you implement what you learned in a way that suits you and your organization. As an advisor and accountability partner, he/she will introduce you to new resources and check in on how things are going.

4. Business Advising is not pure consulting nor coaching.

Business Advising at Aileron is not purely coaching and it’s not purely consultative. Instead, it’s a blend of those skills and competencies, helping you between the “Journey of the Heart” (emotional and people-based) and the “Journey of the Head” (business and system-focused) that we all go through as entrepreneurs.

In fact, at any given time the guidance can be shifting between the two lenses.

Some days, your conversations might be more about the organizational needs and the business’ structure; other days, it’s going to be more focused on people-centric challenges or leadership opportunities.

When looking at Aileron’s Professional Management System, you can see how your Business Advisor enhances what you learned in the Course for Presidents®. You can explore all areas of the system as well as many tools to help you through your specific needs.

5. You can be with more than one Business Advisor.

Did you know that Business Advising can include time with more than one Aileron Business Advisor? After all, it’s about offering you support, advice, experience, and resources to help you advance your organization. Sometimes the best way to do just that is to utilize the knowledge and experience of another Business Advisor. And that’s why, situationally, your Business Advisor can recommend you work with another Business Advisor, for any number of sessions, on a particular topic.

Whether you use more than one Advisor or you stick with one, you’re going to do the work, and they are going to guide you. After all, those who do the work, do the learning. 

When’s the Last Time You Devoted Time For Yourself?

You’ve taken the Course for Presidents®, and want continued support, resources, and accountability towards implementing professional management. Learn more about getting the support and guidance you crave from Aileron Business Advisors so you can become the best version of yourself, while creating the best version of your business.

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