Aileron Announcement: Peer Group for Presidents is Open for Registration

This new service gives our community of business owners time and space to learn with and from other presidents, business owners, and CEOs

Our team is thrilled to announce the launch of a new service: Peer Group for Presidents. While we’ve been operating Peer Groups for years in one-off capacities, this update formally installs the service into our business so we can offer it to more community members and scale up the service based on our community’s needs.

We invite you to learn more about this service and, if it would add value to your business ownership journey, reserve your spot today.

Who is Peer Group for Presidents for?

Peer Group for Presidents is for presidents, CEOs, and business owners who are installing and/or practicing professional management, striving for continuous improvement, craving accountability, and value learning from others. The service is exclusively for individuals in those roles to create an environment rich with shared understanding, empathy, peer-to-peer learning, and connection.

Why do business owners join Peer Groups?

Peer Group for Presidents is an opportunity for business owners to learn from one another, eliminate the all-too-common isolation that comes with presidential roles, and benefit from the outside perspective, accountability, and support of a group of peers who have faced the same challenges. Peer Group members also appreciate having facilitated time to process the biggest challenges they’re facing in their business.

How big is a Peer Group?

Peer Groups are designed to be intimate environments where members can all meaningfully connect, share, and learn together. The minimum size for a Peer Group is 10 and the maximum size is 16.

Where does Peer Group for Presidents take place?

Aileron is excited to offer this service both on Campus and virtually via Zoom. The in-person version is a great way to leverage Campus and build community in a face-to-face environment, and the virtual offering is a great way for non-local Aileron community members to stay connected with Aileron and their peers.

How are Peer Group for Presidents sessions structured?

Peer Groups meet 10 times throughout the year; virtual Peer Group sessions last 2 hours, and in-person Peer Group sessions last 4 hours and include lunch.

Each Peer Group is personalized to meet the needs of the group’s members. At the start of the year, group members co-create the Peer Group’s annual agenda by lifting up the most pressing challenges they’re facing in their businesses; throughout the year, the group spends time on each agenda item in one of two ways, adjusting as needed based on the group’s needs:

  • Special Topic Peer Share: A member sharing their experience and facilitating a discussion around a topic (i.e. implementation planning, defining culture, transitioning out of the day-to-day)
  • Issue Processing: The group coming together to help process a member’s most pressing obstacle

In-person Peer Groups continue into lunch as they have informal time to continue discussions and build connections.

What’s the cost to join Peer Group for Presidents?

A one-year membership to a virtual Peer Group is $2,400. A one-year membership to an in-person Peer Group is $4,800. If you join mid-year, your membership fee is prorated based on the time of registration.

When can I join a Peer Group?

While groups formally kick-off at the start of the calendar year, new members can join throughout the year. Once the existing Peer Groups are full, you’ll be added to a waitlist until a spot becomes available or another Peer Group launches.

How can I learn more and join Peer Group for Presidents?

If you’re a business owner craving community, time to learn with and from your peers, and space to process your biggest challenges, learn more about Peer Group for Presidents today.