“I Could Never Get Over The Hump Of Solid, Profitable Growth”

Todd Kelchner, CEO – Kelchner, Inc.


After becoming CEO of Kelchner, Inc., Todd realized he had a vision for the company and that vision was to become a leader in the excavating market. “Using Aileron’s Professional Management System, we went from 65 employees to 205. As the heavy construction industry grew by less than 5% over the past five years, Kelchner Inc. has grown by 95%.” Todd credits the support of Aileron as a driver for his success.

“I Had Hit Rock Bottom”

Jim Houpt, President and Owner – Merchants Security Service of Dayton OH, Inc.


Since driving professional management throughout his organization, Jim has transformed the company culture and his employees are working together as a trusted team. And Jim has finally found the right balance between work and family.

“As An Entrepreneur, I Was A Gunslinger”

Scott McGohan, CEO – McGohan Brabender, Inc.


Scott shares how driving professional management throughout his organization improved his quality of life both professionally and personally. “As business owners, we knew why we’re here, but how do you instill this passion throughout the company?” he says. “How do you get the person at the front desk fired up to come in every morning? Aileron helped us define how and why we do what we do.”

“Independent Wealth Is Not Just Measured In Money”

Tony Schroeder, President – Choice One Engineering Corp


How comfortable would you be handing over your company to your managers and walking out the door for two months? No phone calls, no emails, no nothing. Before Aileron and professional management, Tony would have laughed at the idea, too. But, after instituting Aileron’s simplified and proven approach that’s exactly what he did.

“Professional Management Transformed My Company”

Joe Kelley, President – Gates That Open, Inc.


When Joe Kelley came home to his wife after his first day as president of Gates That Open (GTO) he said, “I don’t know if I am good enough to do this.” With the support of Aileron and many mentors over a five-year period Joe transformed the company and has gone from losing money to making money – to the tune of a 400-percent turnaround.

“Our Company Had Doubled In Size”

Christopher Che, President – Hooven-Dayton, Corp.


Although doubling in size from $10 million to $20 million was good, Christopher knew having the structures in place to make timely changes to manage that growth was critical. Now he is more focused, confident, and conscious of himself as a leader and he believes more than ever that investing in people is key to being successful.

“My Employees Are Happier”

Andy Wolfe, President – Arronco Comfort Air


After spending endless nights awake thinking about the state of his business, Andy decided there must be a better way. Now, with the entire company focused on achieving his vision, there is clarity and excitement. With a projected growth of 30% for the year, Andrew can sleep better at night maintaining the ever-elusive work/life balance.

“Nothing Is More Important Than Family”

Mark and Peg Grunkemeyer, Owners – Buckeye Ecocare


For the first twenty years of owning and operating a business, Mark and Peg were worried about paying off debt, making the business work, and putting people and systems in place. Since working with Aileron and their Board of Advisors, they have created a personal roadmap to ensure that their business and financials never interfere with the interaction between themselves or their children.

“We Had No Clue Where We Were Financially”

Steve and Vareena Swihart, President and Executive V.P. – Swihart Industries


At the age of 17, Steve borrowed $1500 from his sister to buy his first machine and started his own business. After years of feeling extremely overwhelmed and alone, Steve has stopped working those 80-hour weeks and pulling all-nighters. By putting systems in place and empowering the right people, Steve and Vareena have aligned their family life vision with their business vision through the help of Aileron and professional management.

“We Went From Paying For Growth To Getting Paid For Growth”

Rob Moyer, CEO – Rexarc International, Inc.


Rob Moyer’s goal has been to take his family business from a $3.5 million-a-year enterprise to $100 million. His board of directors was all for it. But they suggested he first hire a president to run the company while he worked on his bachelor’s degree. Since working with Aileron and setting up a board, the business has gone from losing money to breaking even to making money – to the tune of a 600-percent turnaround.

“We Went From A Shotgun Approach To A Laser Beam”

David Fisher, Eric Lundgren, Brad Haber, President, V.P., COO – ThreeWitt Enterprises, Inc.


David Fisher, President, Eric Lundgren, V.P. and Brad Haber, COO of a company that owns a string of Dayton-area restaurants, is firmly convinced Aileron is the best kept business secret in America. They believe Aileron is part of what sets Dayton apart, especially in tough economic times. They see Aileron as a piece of the picture that can make Dayton a place young entrepreneurs can look to and learn.

“At The End Of The Day, My Family Was Getting The Last 5% Of Me”

Wes Gipe, President – Agil IT


The IT firm Wes Gipe launched at the age of 19 was undergoing extraordinary growth. But it was coming through brute force. His people were beat down, and so was he. A year after discovering Aileron, he knew the relationship was working when he noticed his people were whistling on their way to work – and on their way home, even after 12-hour days.

“Our Growth Hit Us Like A Ton Of Bricks”

Tessie Ganzsarto, President – Alternate Solutions HomeCare


After her first Aileron experience, Tessie Ganzsarto realized she needed to manage their business professionally, as opposed to letting sheer growth do it for her. These days, she and her husband, David, get calls from Aileron asking if they will help other entrepreneurs coming up. They get excited when the calls come. They’re grateful to be in a position to help.

“Dan Learned To Work More Efficiently”

Dan Detmer, Owner – Nelson Comfort


As a business owner, Dan faced a variety of issues-growing his business, blending two cultures together, putting a board of directors in place, and more. With Aileron’s help, Dan learned to work more efficiently, get input from others when making big decisions, and take risks to keep his company moving in the right direction.

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