Enhancing Your Success is Our Business


Every business owner faces unique challenges.


Some need to master leadership and management skills. Others must clarify their vision and mission – then motivate employees so everyone moves forward in the same direction.

“I Could Never Get Over The Hump Of Solid, Profitable Growth”

Todd Kelchner, CEO – Kelchner, Inc.

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“Entrepreneurs perform the most noble acts of anyone in a free society.”


Those words are from Aileron’s founder, Clay Mathile. He firmly believes in the virtues of small business, and his attitude has shaped the culture at Aileron. Our beliefs in the value of entrepreneurship are well founded.

That’s why we’ve developed a flexible, customized approach to hone your leadership and management skills.  Our proven, strategic methodology has helped more than 1,000 small business owners identify and conquer their business challenges. Here are some of their stories.

Read the Success Stories.

  • Rob Moyer

  • David Fisher, Eric Lundgren, & Brad Harber

  • Jack Stull

  • Tessie Ganzsarto

  • Dan Detmer

  • Wes Gipe

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What Our Clients are Saying

Our Clients

We’ve helped thousands of companies just like yours.

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We believe in:


  • LEARNING Mustering the courage to learn and risk the unknown.


  • DOING – Dreaming in action.  Executing a plan and performing your part, while allowing others to do theirs.


  • GIVING – Offering to another what is yours.  Together we inspire, engage, and ignite.

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