David K. Ray
COO- EBS Asset Management

David K. Ray

COO- EBS Asset Management

David joined EBS in 2003 as Chief Operations Officer and has 34 years of managerial experience.  EBS manages roughly  $850 million of private partnership and publicly traded stocks and fixed income investments for more than 900 clients.  In his current role he oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm as well as finance, technology and human resources.  In addition, he oversees the strategic planning process and chairs the board and operations management meetings.  David is a registered investment advisory representative and advises clients part-time on investment strategies and participates in new business development activities focused primarily on private business owners.  In this role he has worked with a number of business owners in facilitating plans to define succession priorities and as well as business valuation enhancement strategies.


Prior to joining EBS, David worked for AcuSport Corporation a national distributor of shooting sports products where he still sits on the Board. He was CFO and responsible for all administrative functions including human resources and information technology and for an interim period he also had responsibility for all sales and marketing functions at the firm.  During his tenure, he led efforts to implement an economic value creation focused financial policy that is used extensively today to allocate capital and measure the financial performance for all levels of the organization.  He also played a lead role for distributors in a successful industry-wide effort to defeat damaging lawsuits brought against the company and the industry and led an effort to successfully complete a re-capitalization resulting in a transfer of majority ownership.  In his role as a Board member, David has made presentations and consulted with retail business owners on capital economic value creation and succession planning and has also designed executive level compensation plans for AcuSport.


David’s corporate business career began at the Berry Company in a part-time marketing role while he pursued his undergraduate degree.  During his tenure with the Berry Company he held a number of managerial positions and his responsibilities included technology, financial planning, productivity and cost measurement as well as line management responsibilities for publishing, graphics and printing areas of the business.  The Berry Company was recognized as an industry leader with sales of $1 Billion and was known for achieving attitude survey scores that were in the top 1% of a national census of service based companies. His experience included working as a lead team member in the sale to a public company, leading major technology conversions and management teams in the formation of a joint venture with a key customer as well as the sale of a major division of the company.


David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Wright State University and an MBA from the University of Dayton.  He is an active member of Christ United Methodist Church serving upon several committees, volunteers as a basketball coach for a local public school and enjoys many outdoor activities and spending time with his family.

AUTHOR: Brent Welborn
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