Community Evolutions

We All Get Better Together

Everything we do at Aileron is a community effort, and that includes evolving how we work, interact, communicate, and deliver value to you. We’re always working to get better, but we can’t do it alone; our ability to improve the Aileron experience is directly correlated to our access to your perspective and input.

Community Evolutions is a digital forum that empowers the conversations that help us grow. We invite you to share your insights as we work toward becoming the next-best version of Aileron.

What’s Evolving?

Recent Updates

Here are a few recent enhancements we’ve made based on your insights:

  • Adding new search features: You can now use the Aileron platform to search for courses and room availability by date.
  • Inviting people in with Discovery: We designed Discovery to welcome new community members to Aileron. This one-on-one conversation with an Aileron team member is a great way for business leaders to engage with us to learn more about Aileron, talk through a challenge, or get unstuck.
  • Launching the new digital experience: Our new, simplified website and streamlined registration system allow you to access information where and when you need it, on any device.
  • Coaching consciously: We’ve added individual Leadership Coaching that can be used situationally and as a part of the Becoming a More Conscious Leader program.

In-Progress Enhancements

Here are a few things we’re working on right now to better serve you:

  • Adding new services: We’re adding two new workshops: The Art of Execution and Storytelling Workshop. Watch for more on the site in the next few months, or contact the Aileron team to learn more!
  • Increasing focus on outcomes: We’re heavily investing in creating an ongoing practice of making your desired outcomes visible and clear.
  • Building better support systems: We’re expanding our team and your access to them. If you know someone who would thrive as an Aileron team member, please share our open positions with them.

Share Your Insights

The Aileron Digital Experience

We’re working every day to improve how we interact as a community online. Help us improve future releases and grow our platform by sharing your thoughts.


General Feedback

If you have other thoughts you’d like to share, reach out here to connect with our Client Support team.


Thank you for your input!

Your contributions make our community better, and we appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts.