Wes Gipe

Business Advisor at Aileron


Phone: (937) 669-6500

E-mail: wes.gipe@aileron.org

Wes is first and foremost the husband of Rebekah, his first and favorite wife, and father to three boys, Rowan, 14, Reese, 12, and Pierce, 7.  A dedicated family man, he strives each day to lead his family in living a grateful, simple life.


Along the way, he’s also founded and built several companies which provide IT, management, and professional development services to healthcare practices across the US.  Through thoughtful, deliberate implementation of professional management, he is now free from the daily operations of those companies and chooses to spend his time helping others deal with tough issues, within and outside their doors, with style, determination and brutal honesty – while still serving as a source of inspiration and positivity.  Wes’ particular passion lies in helping business owners improve their results by nurturing and growing a culture that encourages team members to become the best human beings they can possibly be.


When he’s not with his family or working, Wes can be found immersed in church initiatives, mentoring up-and-coming leaders, playing his banjo, guitar or harmonica around a campfire, or just simply sitting and wondering “why not?”.

Stop Wanting a Better Business and Start Building a Better Business.