Know Your Customer Workshop

Stop selling to the wrong customers.

Are you selling to the right customers? Do you even know who the "right" customers are? If not, you're throwing your sales and marketing budget away.

Aileron developed the workshop for those companies currently developing a strategic business plan, those with a stagnant or declining customer base, those looking to expand their customer base, and those unsure of who their ideal customer base is. Any organization looking for a process to continually identify the right customer mix would benefit from this workshop.

Customers have tightened their wallets in response to the economic downturn. They’re not buying as much or as often, which has lengthened the sales cycle and caused small businesses to reconsider how they sell and market to customers in the current economy.

To capture more customers, small businesses have increased marketing efforts – spending time, resources, and money. Unfortunately, many companies are breaking the number one rule of business. They don’t truly understand their customers. And, spending time and resources targeting the wrong customers is as bad as not selling and marketing at all.

Aileron’s Know Your Customer workshop helps small businesses answer these crucial questions: 



Make no mistake; this isn’t a lecture. It’s a two-part, hands-on workshop over the course of two days, which includes instructor-led presentations, meaningful exercises, breakout segments, and group discussions to encourage peer-to-peer sharing. You will also have access to optional one-on-one office hours with your facilitator and Aileron’s Information Commons databases in between workshops.

  • A clear picture of their overall customer base and understand the customer groups they should be pursuing.
  • A practical and proven process to continually tap into their most lucrative markets and ultimately improve their bottom line.


2 days over 2 months
Target Audience:
2-5 person group that includes the owner, CEO, or president, and senior leaders who oversee the sales and marketing efforts.
Typical Number of Participants:
2 days over 2 months: $895 + $295.00 for each additional person

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Custom Programming

Aileron also offers this workshop as an individualized work session. (facilitator works one-on-one with your team)

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