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Clarify and Communicate Your Ideas


When others don’t understand your ideas, they are less likely to support and help execute them. Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to deliver new ideas to employees and colleagues. Attend this Tool Talk to learn how to successfully present ideas and plans within your organization.

Who Should Register?


All employees who have ideas to share to improve the business and need help communicating them.

What is it?


A 90 minute session where you’ll receive a tool, learn how to use it, and leave with your more clarity and focus on your idea.

Why Sign Up?


Our founder says, “The wisdom of the decision has nothing to do with the power of the position.”



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Tool Talk

Learn From the People Who’ve “Been There.”

The goal of each Tool Talk is to let you hear from someone who has faced a specific business challenge. Each 90-minute roundtable lets you engage with an Aileron client who showcases a challenge faced and the solution found. It’s a chance to really dig into an issue with other leaders. You’ll gain insight and quality ideas from multiple perspectives. It’s another way to experience professional management in action.

Talk to Other Business Leaders

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The ability to address a similar business challenge
  • An opportunity to gain valuable insights from other leaders
  • A proven problem-solving tool that adds to your leadership toolbox

Stop Wanting a Better Business and Start Building a Better Business.