Interpreting Your Financial Results

Learn a New Language


What should you look for when your accountant hands over the financial numbers? If you’re like many business leaders, you might be looking for him or her to explain them to you. That’s OK because you’re running a business; you’re not an accountant.


But it’s easy to learn what your financial information really means. When you do, you’ll gain a clearer sense of where your business is, where it may be headed, and you’ll respond with better, quicker business decisions.

Who Should Register?


A company leader who is taking the responsibility to understand the financial statements to make better business decisions.

What is it?


A day to get introduced and be comfortable with your financial statements. You’ll bring your financial statements and have one-on-one time to use what you learn.

Why Sign Up?


Accounting can be thought of as score keeping. Would you play a game without keeping score?



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  • Jack Lohbeck
    Business Advisor
  • Joe Castellano, Sr.

What to Expect

This 6-hour workshop provides the tools and knowledge to learn what financial numbers reveal about your business. You’ll get the basics and best practices, such as what to look for on balance sheets and income and cash flow statements. Then you’ll analyze your numbers, make your calculations, and create a plan of action. Most importantly, you’ll gain freedom from relying on others to explain your company’s financial status.

Stop Wanting a Better Business and Start Building a Better Business.