True vs. Truth

Learn to Suspend Judgment


We make decisions about people and situations faster than we realize, and it’s easy to jump to conclusions based on others’ behaviors. Often, these judgments say more about us than they do about others. We all live by personal rules and assumptions. They influence the way we react to situations and can hold us back. But by reflecting on these limiting beliefs, we can see more possibilities, and better ways to respond.

Who Should Register?


All employees because as human beings we instinctively have our version of true, which isn’t always the truth.

What is it?


A 90 minute session where you’ll receive a tool, learn how to use it, and leave with a way to challenge your version of true to become a high performing leader.

Why Sign Up?


Effective leaders know when and how to challenge their initial impression on a person, situation, or decision in the pursuit of the truth and more optimal outcome.



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