Learning to Work through Others

Set Yourself – And Others – Up For Greater Success


No matter your role, one measure of your success as a leader is your ability to get work done without doing it all yourself.


At the same time, it’s not always natural to know how to get the work done with those around us, and it takes time to learn the best methods. Offer yourself the opportunity to grow as a leader, so you can empower and equip those around you. That way, you can invite your team to be more engaged, to do their best thinking, and to do their best work.

Learning to Work through Others

Who Should Register?


Leaders who want to know how to adjust their style and learn new techniques to work with others, regardless of the situation.

What is it?


A day to choose how you want to lead, including how you want to work through others. During the workshop, you’ll learn ways to develop and engage your people. You’ll also learn how to master the most powerful part of your day-to-day conversations, no matter how others show up.

Why Sign Up?


You can have greater buy-in and alignment in your business, and move towards a more engaged culture. Growing your tool set as a leader so that you can optimally work with others and draw out their best thinking, while helping them take action and keep things moving. When you’re able to get the best ideas out on the table, you can move towards more joy in your work, too.


Sep 11th, 2017




Sep 11th, 2017
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Aileron campus

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  • Tony Schroeder
    Business Advisor, Facilitator, Leadership Coach
  • Wes Gipe
    Business Advisor, Facilitator, Leadership Coach

What to Expect

Become more self-aware of your style of influence and how to set others up for success. Come away with:

  • In-depth knowledge about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Greater capacity to mange your energy and adjust your leadership style
  • Tools to help you delegate

  • Influence skills to help you generate accountability and move things forward
  • Influence skills for breaking resistance and securing buy-in
  • Best practices and skills for creating an environment where people are engaged and able to do their best work

What Our Clients are Saying

We will add our client feedback after we pilot on Monday, September 11th from 9 am to 4 pm at Aileron. Join us for the pilot to help shape the service, get a sneak peak to the content, and experience it first!

Register for the pilot above or contact us at customerservice@aileron.org or 937-669-6500.

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