About Us

We believe in small business. We believe in You.

Small business ownership is a calling. That’s why we created Aileron, a non-profit organization that provides coaching for business owners, guiding you to succeed.
Small business is the engine that drives economic growth. As a business owner, president, or CEO, your entrepreneurial spirit, desire to do something better, and provide jobs make you a special breed. 
Aileron was founded for the sole purpose of helping small, private business owners like you succeed. To that end, we’ve developed a proven methodology – Aileron’s Professional Management System – with hardworking tools, techniques and processes to help you achieve your business goals. 
Plus, we’ve recruited facilitators and advisors who bring real business experience to the table, offering significant experience and insight for your business. And we’ve created a campus that fosters quiet reflection, so you can step away from the hubbub, achieve clarity and perspective, and gain the focus you need to achieve your business goals. We hope you’ll let us help you.
Get started today with our flagship program: Course for Presidents.