Laura Dunn
Fri, 05/06/2016

As a past business owner, Joni understands the risks, rewards and challenges that ownership and professional management bring. She had the opportunity at Iams as a Brand Manager to live in a professionally managed organization where she saw first-hand how strategy, strong leadership and culture can fuel a company to do great things. After Iams, Joni co-founded a technology services company and became an Aileron client herself, taking the renowned Course for Presidents, establishing an outside Board of Directors and utilizing strategic planning. The company grew from 2 to 100 employees in five years, was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Cincinnati Entrepreneur of the Year award and was named by the Cincinnati Business Courier as one of the 25 fastest growing companies in the region.

Don Baker
Fri, 10/02/2015

From business owners to top-tier executives and elected officials, the Dayton region is home to many invaluable female leaders. Because of this, the Dayton Business Journal has again sought to highlight these leaders with our second-annual BizWomen Power 50 rankings, including Aileron president, Joni Fedders.

Dave Larsen
Wed, 09/30/2015

Joni Fedders is president of Aileron, the Miami County small-business training institute founded by billionaire businessman Clay Mathile. Fedders spoke to Dayton B2B about Aileron and offered insights that area business leaders might find useful.

Dave Larsen
Fri, 08/28/2015

Aileron, the Miami County small-business training institute founded by billionaire businessman Clay Mathile, continues to expand its reach beyond the Dayton region. In recent years, the nonprofit organization has attracted private business owners and entrepreneurs from across Ohio and the U.S. to its picturesque $30 million campus in Bethel Twp., near Tipp City, where they learn Aileron’s professional management systems to scale and grow their business.

Alyssa Reck
Thu, 07/23/2015

Surrounded by three miles of walking trails, a waterfall and a Birds in Flight sculpture by Michael Bashaw, most people wouldn’t expect to see a 70,000-square-foot facility rising up out of natural prairie grasses in Tipp City.

Nick Ramsey
Fri, 07/17/2015

Aileron, a small-business management training institute operating near Dayton, was one of the secrets in Raising Cane's Ohio's recipe for growth.

Bill Thompson
Tue, 03/10/2015

Aileron has taught business owners how to professionally manage and grow their companies for almost 20 years. During that time, the people at the nonprofit organization also have been learning from the same clients that they serve.

Tue, 03/03/2015

Clayton Mathile made his fortune when he sold pet food maker Iams to Procter & Gamble in 1999 for $2.3 billion, but he continues to add to his wealth through Myrian Capital, the Mathile family's investment management firm. With $130 million of his own money, Mathile founded Aileron, a center dedicated to helping small-time entrepreneurs expand their businesses.

Wed, 01/21/2015

Aileron’s Clay Mathile and Joni Fedders offer staffing advice for Shoptiques founder Olga Vidisheva as she scales up her promising online shopping company that brings the world’s boutiques to your fingertips.

Wed, 01/21/2015

Pixelberry's Oliver Miao engages Aileron’s Clay Mathile and Joni Fedders in a discussion about managing growth, building great products and striking the right work-life balance for the educational gaming company's staff.

Learning, Doing, Giving

Aileron's Client Advisory Council was first established in 2007 and consists of Aileron clients who meet three times per year for a term of two years. The purpose of this group is to create a dialogue directly with our current clients ensure we are building an organization that benefits our...

Dave Robertson, of Innovation Navigation, interviews Aileron president, Joni Fedders.

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Aileron Helps Business Owners Put Companies on Track was featured in The New York Times on May 22, 2014. 

On a Wednesday morning here in March, the owner of a California business explained that his company had enjoyed years of success selling products directly to consumers through TV —...

Run Your Business, Don't Let it Run You

No More 16-Hour Days! Running your own business is the American dream, but the reality can be daunting. In Run Your Business, Don’t Let it Run You, Aileron founder Clay Mathile shares proven management fundamentals so you can oversee your business without becoming entangled in the day-...

You're The Boss - A Conversation With The New York Times

The New York Times Small Business Editor, Loren Feldman and small business owner and Times contributor, Jay Goltz discuss small business issues and some practical solutions at the You’re The Boss event held at Aileron March 6, 2014.


America's Most Promising Companies

Aileron continues to partner with Forbes to bring attention to America’s Most Promising Companies. We believe we work with some of the most promising companies in the United States.  Every day you work to improve the way your business runs to ensure it positively impacts your customers, your...

Joni Fedders, President

The Good, Bad and Ugly of the State of Manufacturing.

Tune in to hear the live broadcast of Expert Access Radio, tune into 55KRC on Sunday, August 11th at 4PM, Eastern Time, or visit...

Clay Mathile, Aileron founder, and Adrienne Burke of Yahoo! Small Business Advisor discuss the release of Clay's book "Run Your Business, Don't Let It Run You" released July 2013.

As a Business Advisor, Mark will be responsible for assisting Presidents and owners who are committed to establishing stronger professional management processes within their organizations. Mark will guide clients through the strategic planning process, their organizational development, as well...

May 16th, Millennium Hotel: During his keynote speech, Clay shared his life story, lessons learned and his strong belief in professional management. He challenged the small businesses in the room to "unleash the power of the smallest unit". In closing, he said, "I have tremendous respect and...